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Free Border Listing Template Creator

In a few clicks you can have a great nested table border template to use in your listings.

The following pages will present small graphic squares. You choose radio button 1, 2 and 3 to create your colorful boarders. Customize text, link and visted link colors if you like. Click the blue "Click and Create" button to preview your choices. Copy and paste the code, download the graphics and you're on your way.

You can use the same graphic in one or all of the sections. If you want a fancy border with a white background and white center, just choose radio button 1 and radio button 3 under the white graphic and then the colorful border you like for radio button 2.

The following example is to show which buttons correspond with the various sections of the template.

Table One is the background of your page or listing.
Table Two is the decorative border of your page or listing.
Table Three is the center or back drop for your content.

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